drawing workshop

Summer 2017 with The Drawing Project

Crossing the Line: Drawing Practices in Community

This summer focused on teaching both through summer course at Minneapolis College of Art & Design but most importantly with The Drawing Project. We were honor to offer a 10-week series of drawing workshops led by The Drawing Project in partnership with EngAge and CommonBond Senior Housing. It was an incredible experience teaching drawing to the older adult within their home community!

Drawing is the way we first make our mark in the world and it is at the core of all art making. It is as unique as personal our signature and as expressive as a finished portrait. It extends both mind and spirit as an exciting activity that promotes a deep respect for looking and thinking.

It is never too late to learn to draw, and there is never a time to late to have a desire to make our mark(s)! Participants in these drawing sessions were led through traditional and nontraditional drawing exercises. Each workshop was designed for the participant to carefully develop new drawing skills, techniques and strategies. And most importantly these workshops provided participants with new ways of seeing, looking and engaging with the world around us as well as in their community.

A community exhibition took place at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and was on view July 28 through August 13, 2017.