Annual Planning!

Annual Planning! Strategy for Applying to New Opportunities

Virtual Workshop

Free anytime, starting January 15, 2018

This virtual workshop is designed to support your plans for tackling any application process that comes your way in the coming year! Submitting an application for a grant opportunity is different than a submission for an artist residency – this virtual workshop is a quick start to improve and build strategies for seeking out new opportunities to empower your creative practice. Learn great tips to find opportunities and awards that you are uniquely qualified for, create a system you can easily flow with to keep up with the application process and begin preparation for the year ahead. Next, take our virtual course Grantwriting & Researching Opportunities for Artists to build out your professional application materials.

This workshop will spark ideas for improving your:

● Research Time
● Prep Time
● Calendar Time
● What’s Next?

Cost: FREE. Register here.