The Office of Cultural Work (OCW) believes in the power of art to heal communities and bring about joyful connections. We work to demystify the systems in which we all work, to provide strategies that break boundaries. We aim to empower the artist and cultural worker in the creative process.

OCW is a management expert with social justice values focused on developing personal freedoms to connect, heal, share skills and build a just and inspired cultural life for all. Our Creative Toolkits for visionaries, creatives and all artist types are designed to support a creative process that contributes to one’s well-being, the wholeness of community in which we participate, as well as a means to cultivate a deeper awareness of the creative process moving towards our purpose.

Our mission is to support the artist as a global citizen, one who seeks to address the most crucial issues of our time. OCW has an entrepreneurial spirit and transformative development process with a deep understanding of the intersection of the arts and social justice. We offer workshops and professional development for cultural producers. Through shared learning, coaching and practical ‘how-to’ we move artists, collaboratives and organizations through strategic goal setting to action planning. This includes a wide range of opportunities to connect with fellow artists, curators and arts leaders. Through these interactions, OCW allows artists to develop a community of colleagues for feedback and ongoing support throughout their careers.

OCW realizes the gap of information in the arts, and recognizes those that are often intentionally or unintentionally excluded…OCW Founder, Shannon, helped me better understand how as an artist I could collaborate and propose projects to foundations to help support and broaden the scope and vision of my work. – Rajkamal Kahlon, Visual Artist

Shannon’s ability to distill the intimidating tasks of getting your art life in order are wonderful. She is able to simplify things so that you can optimize what you need to do to get your work in front of more people. The tools provided by Office of Cultural Work have empowered me to be bolder in networking and applying for opportunities I otherwise would not have considered.  – Jesse Whitney, Musician