Transformative Project Management


Project Management Consulting & Project Direction

The Office of Cultural Work believes in the power of art to heal communities and bring about joyful connections. As a nonprofit, we work to demystify the systems in which we all work, to provide strategies that break boundaries. We aim to empower the artist in the creative process, to allow for critique and failure.

Schedule a 90-minute strategy session to go over an assessment of where you are now, ways to strategize a path ahead to reimagine the best way to accomplish your personal and organizational goals.

OCW’s Transformational Project Management provides you and your team with the training opportunity to support your project organization and planning. Hire our team of expert project managers to support your efforts for advancing your skills. We can customize the training to meet your needs!

The trainings start at $150/90-minute for one-on-one consultation and we build from their when your team or organization is interested in skill-building and beyond.

What we consider as transformational project management work:

  • We seek to discover with you your core values which we consider as our core creative practices
  • We seek to enact your values while practicing them in actionable / tangible ways
  • We seek to discover how to build strategies that meet the most needs of all stakeholders as well as the resources and capacities readily available
  • Identifying the needs before building out strategies will help to develop actions and strategic planning that supports the most needs or the individual, individuals or organization
  • Strategy = ACTION, we believe creating realistic doable strategies through thoughtful action leads to personal & collective growth as well as meaningful successes

Location hosting is also available for an additional fee.