Empower Your Creative Practice



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Explore your creative process by tapping into the creative parts of yourself that are yet to be expressed. Discovering the Dark Side of the Moon is a workshop to spark your creativity and set intentions for your next creative endeavor while releasing old systems and beliefs for how we creative.

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This is a workshop for all artists, from dabblers to full-timers, we are all need to find ways to empower our creative practice in order to stretch ourselves and move out of our comfort zones. If you are in need of a reboot to your practice or need to step outside of the studio — then this is for you! Explore your creative process in this workshop which is a combination of all teaching & facilitating a pathway to your creative self. We will tap into what core creativity practices you want to bring forward in your life! Don’t miss this moment to set your intentions for your next creative endeavor while releasing old systems & beliefs for how we creative. Each month we have the creative potential to spark our creativity by working with the darker side of the moon—this is the place where our creativity grows. Come cultivate that which hides in the dark to explore your pathway into the creative process & the power of the dark side of the moon. We are all creative beings waiting to discover that next creative project – this is for the artist in all of us!

Intentions for Workshop:

  • We will investigate our creative process – what’s working, what needs to go, what’s missing
  • We will tap into our core values for our creative work with an art experience
  • We will discover what creative endeavors you are meant to share with the world
  • Finally, this discovery process will lead to the insights of transformational project management

Bring With You:

  • Sketchbook or notebook with favorite pen
  • Collage materials – old magazines, books, paper, etc. (optional)
  • A few of your easy to travel art supplies (optional)