Creating Equitable Partnerships


OCW is available to lead a 90-minute facilitated conversation to empower your efforts in creating equitable partnerships. We will address tools and practical approaches to bringing artists to the organizations decision-making conversations as well as commissions and contracts.

This workshop is designed for nonprofit leaders and cultural producers who want to create healthy and sustainable partnerships with artists and cultural workers. Whether you are an artist partnering with an organization or an organization that serves and supports individual artists—it is critical to consider ways to thoughtfully partner with cultural work. The workshop is created to understand the components needed to equitably create partnerships and collaborations. We will explore a variety of examples that look at how best to engage in the creative process together. We will begin to understand how all these components intersect and impact the collaborative work of partnerships.

Tools and practical approaches for commissioning and partnering with artists will be key to this facilitated workshop.

Location hosting is also available for an additional fee.