To a Mountain Top in Nepal

In March 2018, OCW will be offline at a teaching and pilgrimage near Kathmandu in Nepal. I will be joining the leadership gathering for Tergar International and the teachings of The Ordinary Mind with Mingyur Rinpoche at Osel Ling Monastery. After the teachings and pilgrimage I will have the opportunity to travel again with my dear friend and guide Khenpo Kunsang who last I traveled with in Northern India in late 2011. We hope to visit his home village at the base of Mount Everest.

I am not sure where this journey will take me or what my seeking will lead to but I am going into the open spaces of my ordinary mind. In this one precious life, I will explore beyond my edges and indeed spin on the mountain top much like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. Look forward to sharing my learning when I return!