A beautiful article about how to illuminate our wounds

So important when thinking of our culture and our creative lives…Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places

The Japanese art of kintsugi (or kintsukuroi) restores a broken cup or bowl by embracing its full history. Rather than disguising the damage, they illuminate the cracks with gold, silver, or platinum. The result is often more beautiful than the unblemished original. Omid’s column gives a new perspective on lacquering our own flaws with gold and not just hiding them:

“We value success, wholeness. Unlike this Japanese art form, we don’t yet have a way of looking for what was once broken and has been healed and illuminated. How lovely would it be to find that a cracked and illuminated cup can be even more beautiful than a whole cup. How wise to realize that the broken hearts, illuminated and made whole, can be even lovelier.” –Omid Safi

Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places