Afro-Futurist Road Trip

In the spring of 2018, OCW had the distinct honor of working with the award-winning artist, Jefferson Pinder. He is a Chicago-based artist and professor at The School of the Chicago Art Institute, and is a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow as well as a recipient of the United States Artists award in conjunction with the Joyce Foundation.

In the summer of 2019, Jefferson will be embarking on an American road trip from Chicago heading South to connect his art with communities across the United States. The road trip is a performance-base tour that will both showcase new performative pieces as well as sculptural work. In Jefferson’s words, “Space exploration for Afro-Futurists has represented a means in which to look at ourselves from the outside. When DuBois writes of double-consciousness he refers to the psychological challenge of “always looking at one’s self through the eyes” of a racist white society, as well as reconciling an African heritage with an upbringing in a European-dominated society.”

The Office of Cultural Work is a proud supporter of the project and the advancement of Jefferson’s contemporary art practice.